Like me, you’ve been around the block. You have skills. You have things you love. You have companies that make your life better.

Today, I decided to open the kimono as it where, and share with you some of my Favorite Things.

Below is a collection of products that I use, am checking out, or are curious about. And I thought you might be too. Some of things have affiliate links connected to them. That means if you like what you see, and you choose to buy whatever it is, I may get a small fee for referring you. It’s pretty simple, and happens behind the scenes. Nothing for you to do, except enjoy!

To kick this list off, I am starting with one of my newest finds.

#1 – The Art of Fine stationery

OMG. Where have you been all my life?

Ok, so here’s the deal: There are two parts to this amazing company.

#1. The Stationery, art and gifts… all by independent artists. That’s cool.

#2 The wedding invitation site – not really my deal. BUT… because their online editor is SO AWESOME, you can convert their existing designs into lovely, custom stationery on the spot.

That’s exactly what I did to create this welcome card for each member of our new mastermind. Check it out…

The quality is incredible (Remember, my first love is graphic design. I am a print nerd and still LOVE being in a commercial print shop.). is one of those companies that reminds us that class never goes out of style. I love this guys.

Discover all their beautiful things here:

Next up, my favorite way to make sure I stay in “Deep Work” on my deep work days. This little app makes sure I have the focus I need to get a lot done.

#2 – The App

Easily block websites and social media to eliminate distractions and time wasters.

This app is really cool. With both desktop and mobile versions, you can literally stop yourself from mindlessly scrolling through your news feed, or scanning useless websites when you really want to be focused. It’s a little life saver.

#3 – Fav Marketing Inspiration

Truth is, I am a full-blown online marketing geek. So, naturally DotComSecrets is one of my favorite books of all time. Author Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, literally changed my life in 2014.

I can’t rave enough about this book (or any of the products he offers). If you are even just a little curious about online marketing (hello… that’s you, my small business owner friend), then this book is a MUST READ. Get your free copy here. 100% worth it.

Once you give this book a read, reach out and we can geek out together!

Ok, that’s a good start. More Favorite Things to come.