While the focus of my adult life up until now has been the ‘things’ I would have, I am now turning my attention to the experiences I want to enjoy. Ah. The level of joy, love and pure bliss I experience each day is paramount.

Today I gauge success by the quietness of my mind and the lack of resistance I have to situations that aren’t my preference, while noticing how easily what I want comes when I give up my opinion about how it should show it. Trippy and cool.

I still have a vision board. I still want things, but in a way that is so different than in the past. Here’s a start:

  • Get a massage at every Four Seasons Spa in North America
  • Start a spa blog, and travel all over writing about extraordinary spa experiences
  • Drive an insanely expensive Mercedes paid with passive revenue from one of my companies.
  • Have my entire life paid by passive revenue
  • Collaborate with big thinkers in the human potential space
  • Take a 2 week cruise on a small, luxury cruise liner with my sweetie
  • Charter a corporate jet, pick up my best friends around the country and spend the weekend in New York.
  • Fall in love again
  • Master muscle testing
  • Visit at least 20 countries
  • Teach
  • Host catered dinner parties, and laugh all night with my favorite people
  • Finish P90X