I woke up this morning and realized that for things in motion, there is no such thing as going from point A to point B in a straight line. Think about it. Even drag racers, whose JOB it is to go from point A to point B as fast, and straight as possible, wiggle all over the place when you watch their run in slow-mo. It’s intriguing, really. Well, as least it’s intriguing to me. As I look back from where I am here at the Midpoint, I can see that nothing – nothing – I intended to go from here to there ever REALLY end up going in a straight line. I think the Universe builds this phenomenon right in. It creates the space for creative solutions to show up. How do I know? Because the “clearer” I am about how things will go from A to B, the more wild the ride. Pick a topic. I can offer an example of how my plans, my course, my to A to B clarity has been like a 5 year old standing in front of a big white wall with a box of Crayola’s.

And thank goodness!  The canvas of my life is covered with the twists and turns, wiggles and wobbles of a path not straight at all. Hand me the crayons.