Do we ever end up where we thought we would?

Isn’t it interesting how the mind is SO SURE that “this” is how it will work out? And yet time and time again life doesn’t go that way.

Case in point; Deciding to leave Seattle and move to Orange County. I went and visited. I rented a house for 3 weeks to test drive running the business remotely, and getting the lay of the land. I met with property managers. And spent countless hours online investigating where to live, and what was for rent….. I was definitely taking all the steps one would with the intent to move to a new city.

Today I am writing from a small town in New Mexico.

The day I arrived was the first time in this town, or in the state for that matter.

So, how does one go from ‘absolutely sure’ they are moving to SoCal, and they end up in New Mexico?

It’s a question worth asking. And one I will be answering as time goes on.