This morning I decided to go on a rampage of gratitude. Here are just a few things from the last 30 days that I am grateful for…

the little place I rented in Laguna
my new laptop
my new iPad
doing tons of meditation from the beach to Trump Tower
the trip to NY and hanging with super conscious people working of expanding awareness
a lovely drive from Seattle to SoCal
walking on the beach
getting a pedicure
dinner with mom and riley
my dad calling out of the blue to tell me he loves me
starting on isagenix
seeing T sing in the choir
completing November completing all my promises
my new car
increasing me Calibrated Level of Consciousness
my daily GID peeps
riding in towncars
meeting Eli and hanging out for the day
lunch with LL
spending my birthday with my best friend
KC, KH, JH and an easy resolution to 415
my meditation
my accountability partners
our book being published
the Mustang
getting the cable hooked up
washing machines
consulting gigs
going raw for 9 days
my tribe