By this time, us Midpointers have a little road behind us. We’ve witnessed our friends, ourselves, maybe even our parents get their heart’s broken. I remember the first time this happened to me (after 5th grade, of course) I was so stunned that the life I thought I was moving toward wasn’t going to happen. I remember three months of pain. Physical pain. The second time the pain was less. The third time I was profoundly sad, and then the light bulb went off. “Kristen, get off it. You have so many lives to touch. Spending another 10 minutes grieving for the past is a straight waste of your time. It serves no one. Onward.”

That little personal pep talk really made a difference. So what if he dumped me. Lied to me. Hurt me. That was over. Today I get to choose what I focus on. And I’ve got lives to touch. So do you.