The past two days have offered up some very interesting contrast. First a call from someone who made my blood pressure rise. Then a terse conversation with my dad that didn’t feel to great. Finally, noticing that I’ve literally been unconscious the past week.

Now the clarity. The way I react to the person who makes my pressure increase is all on me.  They are just being themselves. I am the one who reacts to who they are being. And for dad, well, I can totally see why he responds to me the way he does. I trigger something, that triggers something, that gets something else out of whack.

As for the unconsciousness; I noticed it a couple of days ago. My coach called me out and asked me if I’ve been meditating. Uh, well. No. Major clarity Kristen… When you unplug from source, you are unplugged. Period. Your vitality starts to fade. Boy did I get clear on that one today!

The good news is I am willing to be compassionate with myself. As entrepreneurs, we tend to run fast and create on the fly. So I can see how easy it is to react to others, have miscommunications with people we love, and get a little unfocused and spread thin.

So, this evening as I put a bow on a great day, I am thankful for the contrast, clarity and compassion in my life. You?