I am fascinated by money.

Having it. Not having it. How we spend it, save it, invest it.

The idea of “currency” and our cultural agreement that a piece of paper has a measurable, exchangeable value reminds me that at a very base level, we all agree on some things. Even if we disagree about what something is worth, we agree that a dollar is a dollar and $100 is $100.

Years ago, I started a series called “Time & Money.”

After all, they are what we “spend” everyday.

As a result, I thought it be cool to use money… like actual money, in my work.

My motive was simple: I love how money looks. As a graphic designer by trade, visual communication is in my blood. So, I have mad respect for the designers who create legal tender.

By now, you should be asking yourself “she’s not REALLY using money in her work, is she?”

Yes and no.

Enter eBay.

After searching “paper currency” a big, new world appeared before my eyes.

My jaw dropped. My heart raced.

Come to find out the variety of used, uncirculated, old, and frankly irrelevant (I am so sorry Zimbabwe) currency in the world is mindblowing.

I had to buy.

Now I am the proud owner of A LOT of paper money. The colors, textures and designs are so damn cool. Perfect for my Time & Money series.

Today I started the under-collage for a piece that’s been rattling around my head.

I will post more as things develop.

Here’s my progress so far…


This piece has been sitting all summer. This week, I got inspired to take it to the next phase.