Back in the studio today after a long summer dry spell.

Been dreaming about a new piece (well, actually I am dreaming of a six-piece series) and today was the day to start.

For now, I am keeping the name under wraps.

Instead, I thought it would be fun to photograph each step.

Here we go…

Charcoal under-sketch
Blue… the basis for the idea.
Calling it a day.

Sunday progress…

Everything was feeling too linear so, I decided to mix it up and add some movement with pastel.

Then, it was time to start adding more depth. These layers are the foundation for the theme, which will begin emerging later this week.

 It’s October 20th, 5pm and 85 degrees in the garage. I am sweating head to toe!
Calling it a day.

November 10th. Getting back to it after a week in Mexico and a week not in the studio. The masks for “It’s All In Your Mind” have been cut and are ready. I have a couple more iterations of this phase to complete before the final stage where the message is added.
Details of upper right.