Throughout October and November, I found myself deep into a collection inspired by Joy (my favorite state of being). And for a while, I was really into it. You might have seen some of the work-in-progress photos.

I was really excited that a vision was beginning to crystalize. A collection was starting to take shape.

Then I hit a wall. Nothing was working. The pieces felt forced and disjointed. The inspiration was gone.

Damn it.

So, I did what any self-respecting, courageous artist would do. I got out the white paint and painted over all that work.


I will confess that I grieved a bit. How did something that felt soooooo right, suddenly feel so not right at all?

I secretly wondered if I was actually cut out to create bold work with a voice and a point of view. Was I ready to SAY ALOUD, through my work, some of my deepest held points of view?

Enter The Takeover: The Future of Blockchain hosted by Real Vision and Raulo Pal.

Suddenly, two of my worlds collided. Creativity and Crypto.

#demiseofthedollar was born.

Today, I am tipping my hat. I am opening the door to what is really going on at Studio 5371 now that my creativity has been rekindled. As in I-can’t-stop-thinking-about-the-next-piece-and-don’t-want-to-do-anything-except-be-in-my-studio-creating-this-collection. I am obsessed.

Let me leave it here for now. More to come as I prepare for the #demiseofthedollar collection of originals and NFTs to drop by the end of Q1.

Game on.

Work in progress. #demiseofthedollarWinter 2021 – 2022