Persistence is powerful. 9 years ago I left Seattle and moved to New Mexico.

Why? A fire had been lit in me and I was ready to be an artist. And I knew if I stayed in Seattle, it would never happen. The distractions were too great. The pull to a life that I wanted out of was too strong.

During that time, my art always seemed to take a back seat. There was always a new client, a meeting, a networking event, or, or, or.

New Mexico gave me the fresh start, and the physical space I needed to paint.

About 6 months in my life was turned upside down as I relocated to So Cal. It was love. What else would steal me away from my creative sanctuary in the desert?

Fast forward to today. Somehow another 8.5 years have gone by, and my art has been mostly dormant.

It’s not for trying. After living in four places since 2013, I’ve made attempt after attempt to paint in the corner of my office or on the floor of the garage (not very practical in the summer heat!). Over and over, I’ve done my best to get my work out… and it’s never clicked.

Now, everything has changed. Last fall we purchased an 8-acre property that serves as a studio and office space in addition to meeting space for our clients. We even have a rental-able guest suite.

Having the space to paint was the one move that changed it all.

Now, I have the place… and more importantly the mental framework… to be the painter I’ve dreamed of being since I finished my first large scale piece in 2006.

15 years have passed. But the truth is I needed those years to become the woman, and the artist, I am today. That’s why there is no stopping me.

It’s in that spirit that this fall I am launching my online gallery where you can buy a little piece of my next chapter.

More on that to come…

Today, I simply want to share a little about how this is all unfolding and perhaps inspire you to take the time to go after whatever lights your fire.