There are a few things I know for sure, here from the midpoint;

1. The next 40 years will NOT look like the next 40 years. Impossible. Yet most of us live by default. We think “This is how it is” “This is how it works” “This is what’s possible for my life”

The problem and the solution is that you are right. What you say goes. What you say shows up. So, breaking free of how life “is” as we march forward into the next 40+ years takes a set of tools that we might not have just yet.

The good news; life is a blank canvas. We have the power to design our life however we like. Where it gets fun is when we mindfully decide what we put on our canvas.

What beliefs from the past 40 years work for me? What ones draw to me what I want? What ones cause me to be trapped in a life that isn’t as rewarding, loving and joyous as I would like? What do I need to put down so I can pick up a new set of thoughts that move me toward my ideal life?

As we begin this investigation (consider all of life is an investigation into what feels good and what doesn’t) what I’ve discovered is that the tools we need start to show up. The ideas, the people, the opportunities to live our dreams suddenly appear. We find what we seek.

Today I invite you to start designing the blank canvas of your life. Do you want to make more money, to be in love, to travel, to stop working, to volunteer, to master a skill? Whatever it is, today is day one.