Reality is an illusion. How do I know?

Imagine you are in a conversation with a colleague. See yourself standing in front of them, imagine seeing the words come out of their mouth, and you are responding. It’s friendly, enjoyable, and then you get a phone call and gesture “I gotta take this,” smile and head off to your next appointment.

Q. What was the reality of what just occurred?
A. Whatever we decide.

Think about that. The REALITY of what just occurred is whatever you decide.

Interesting idea. Let’s look at the dynamics at play.

1. Two people interacting with one another cannot have the same experience, the same reality. It is literally impossible. They are two different sets of biology thinking, seeing, feeling, reacting in totally different ways. If you and I were talking, we would both be looking at each others face, noticing the art on the wall behind one another, wondering if that email got returned. You’ve experienced this, right?

2. Using our example, each person in this interaction probably had knee jerk reactions to what occurred to complete the conversation. Here’s where things get fun – because up until now we have been taught these reactions were “normal” or “this is what every person would feel” or “that is what happened.” In fact, we spend endless hours thinking, talking, and reacting to “what happened” without ever considering that we literally made it up as our very own reality.

What do I mean?

Here are a couple of the thousands of responses that you could have had when you received the call that interrupted the conversation;
1. “Thank God, I’ve been waiting for this call.”
2. “Whew, been hoping to end this conversation, this is perfect.”
3. “Crap, this is awful timing, I feel like a jerk.”
4. “They know I am busy and have to run.”
5. “Is this the call I’ve been waiting for?”

And the list goes on and on….

Here are some response your colleague may have had;
1. “Well, that was rude.”
2. “I am sure that’s an important call.”
3. “I gotta get going too.”
4. “They are a slave to that thing.”
5. “They are always so responsive.”

Can you see that in a nanosecond we assess, judge, decide, determine, confirm and choose a reality? It happens so fast we don’t even realize we’ve made a choice. Can you see that in the moment, we CAN literally choose the reality we experience?

Here’s the punchline: There is nothing happening “out there.” Our entire reality of life exists “in here.”

If you sit with this idea for a moment, the power of this phenomenon will begin to sink in. Really getting that we are the creator of our reality is empowering, and scary. Taking 100% responsibility for our experience of life, our own personal reality, is an awesome undertaking.

It takes practice. Crafting the reality that you desire requires that we are conscious. It requires us to be curious, to get into a state of “witness,” and to be present to whatever it is in our head that elects itself as the one to assess, judge, decide, determine, confirm and choose a reality.

When I was sick, I began to learn to use my mind to select the thoughts, the reactions, the reality that I wanted to experience. It was a life changing time for me. I learned that I could change my thinking, and my body would change how it felt. I could literally alter my reality in the moment.

This is the kind of power I am talking about. The ability to change your reality at will. To become a Jedi master of your mind… to master assessing, judging, deciding, determining, confirming and choosing a reality that is in alignment with your highest self, and experience insane levels of happiness, joy and freedom as a result.

Your reality is up to you.

If you are ready to start becoming a master at crafting your reality, spend the rest of the day just noticing yourself. Notice the comments you make in your head. Notice how you react with others, how are you when you walk into a store, how you are when you are driving home. Get into your witness and begin to see that for the most part, we live on auto pilot. Thinking, assessing, judging, deciding, determining, and confirming whatever thoughts HOLD US in our current reality is automatic. Just notice. Just begin to see how programmed you are. Once you see it, then you can begin to transcend it, and create a reality that you really like living in.

It’s very cool.