Consider that it is insane to continue thinking the same thoughts, and doing the same behaviors that keep you from experiencing what you really want. It is insane to declare you want X and operate in a way that assures you will not attain that.

One of my favorites “I am going to take Friday’s off.” For YEARS I set this goal. And for years, I worked every Friday. Crazy.

What the hell is that? Check it out:

The goal I was setting was what I thought would fulfill the ACTUAL intention of having freedom and flexibility in my life. Actually, I have no problem working Friday’s. I don’t really have an opinion about the day of the week. The insanity here is that I picked an expression of this intention that my personality/ego couldn’t deal with. It decided that it was really unsafe to not work on Friday’s – what if I missed a client call, or an email needed to be returned (Oh boy!). So my higher self wants freedom and flex and my ego created a set of conditions that kept me ‘safe’ from it – it made sure that I would not experience it.

Why? The mind is designed to keep of us safe. It is designed to keep us in the conditions we are in. It is SURE that whatever is “out there” is way more dangerous than our current conditions – NO MATTER HOW MUCH PAIN EXISTS in the current conditions. You hate your job, and you stay. You are in a violent relationship, and you stay. You swear “this year I will….” and you never schedule it, plan for it or do it. Pretty nuts.

And are you ready for more whackiness? Remember my intention to experience freedom and flexibility? Well, my ego/personality is so whacko that it likes to convince me that I don’t already have these things in my life. What? Yep. And the truth is that I have an incredibly high level of freedom and flexibility. I have been self employed for 16 years. I live where I want, I work with who I want. I travel when I want. My entire life is built around freedom and flexibility…. it’s only the opinion of my mind that asserts that those qualities are not present.

Watch your mind. Watch it think the same thoughts, and initiate the same actions over and over and over. Some of this is awesome – they are the thoughts and actions that have lead to your success. And some of them are destructive to your higher goals and dreams.

So, today just watch. Be the witness and notice the insanity that is playing out in between your ears. If nothing else, be amused.