Our lives are literally created by the people we know. And how we choose to be in the world with them. In fact, I submit that who we REALLY are is found in who we are with strangers. Are you open to helping another for no reason other than to help them? And I mean really be in a position to help. Not open a door to a woman whose arms are full of groceries… I mean REALLY help with something super important to THEM.

The trick here is that to truly contribute to another we have to take the time to get to KNOW them. Really know what they are up to at a level where we can actually make a positive impact and move the ball down the court in their lives. You’re going to hear a lot about The Contribution Game on this blog. One of the biggest pieces to mastering contribution is centered in helping others get what they want as an access point to getting everything you want in life. I’ll explain more soon. Until then, just know that when you take the time to powerfully contribute to others, your life will never be the same.