Watched the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship pull out of port.
Talked to my best friend from 5th grade.
Talked to a dear friend who is ready to transform into her next expression, and is scared to step into the unknown.
Cleared “greed” and “victim” that I picked up from a guy I know
Listened to the Talking Heads – Stay Up Late – one of my favorite songs of all time
Worked on LLC docs for a new company I am starting
Listened to Power v Force by Dr David Hawkins
Ate a chicken taco – left overs!
Bought Scrubbing Bubbles
Watched a bald eagle soar over the bay
Said hi to Frenchy – the street dude outside the RideAid by my house
Invited 3 of my oldest friends to a conference call to catch up

Reflection on Hawkins for the day: Have you noticed how unreliable the mind is? It forgets things, misinterprets things, often only sees things from its point of view, and frequently misunderstands the circumstances it encounters. And then, at all cost, it insists its opinion is accurate, true and valuable. Huh.