“Promise” may be one of the most constructive and destructive words in the English language.

When we make a promise – no matter the size, depth or intent – we enter into a contract. First with ourselves, then with the promise itself, and ultimately with those who are impacted by it.

I’ve just completed a full year of NLP training. And the hilarious part: learning NLP is the boobie prize. The real reason for the course is to learn how to set and keep promises.

Yes, I said “learn.”

After 12 months of making promises for the month, for the week, and for the day with my accountability partners I have learned several powerful lessons.

1. My word either makes me stronger or diminishes my power

2. Most people literally can not see that in breaking promises – especially the little ones – they kill off opportunity, undermine relationships and make life way harder than it is.

3. Promises get you in the game.

So, are you someone who is handed crazy good opportunities on a regular basis? Or are you struggling to make it all work? Take inventory of your promises – especially the ones to yourself – and tighten them up. No matter where you are in the spectrum, increasing your impeccability with your word will accelerate your life.
I promise.