What thoughts aren’t working for you?

“I’m not successful” “I can’t afford that” “Work sucks” “The economy is bad” “People are rude” “That shouldn’t happen” “Life is hard” “I am always late”

Any of these sound familiar?

Now, consider subtracting these thoughts, by simply adding new ones to your repertoire.

“I am successful” “How can I afford that?” “Work rocks” “The economy is picking up” (or my favorite “I am in control of my personal economy”) “People are doing their best” “That was unfortunate” “Life is good” “I am on-time-girl!”

Here’s what’s so cool; we get to make it up! We get to add or subtract whatever we desire from our lives and the conversations we choose to engage ourselves in.

So, this week, what are you subtracting, and what are you adding in its place?