I am becoming a raving fan of deleting things. Yep; Stopping. Saying no. And just plain old canceling that which no longer delivers joy and a sense of purpose to my life.

I have three buckets I am playing in right now: #1 is my business, #2 is my passion, and #3 contains all the things I am eliminating from my life – rental homes in Idaho with a petty owners association, and a property manager who lacks accountability; my commercial condo and the thankless job of being the board chair that comes with it; and I am putting a bow around a startup  that I dedicated 4 months of my life to for the sheer joy of it once the joy was replaced by frustration.

What’s has led me to this theme of subtraction? My belief that life is short. Time is precious, and I get to design my life how I choose.

So here’s my question for you. What can you subtract, that in doing so, you add so much to your life?