I am a driver. Always have been. I like to see things move forward. Create. Build. Enjoy. OK. That was a lie. I am not so good at the ‘enjoy’ part of the equation. I am learning though.

I am so blessed that finally I am getting that there is no there out there. There is nowhere to go. Nothing to do. There is everything to be.

‘Being’ is the secret sauce to getting everything. The doing is necessary… but it’s secondary. ‘Being’ beats ‘doing’ every time.

Lately amazing opportunities have been showing up in my life. Crazy good opportunities that will shape the rest of my life and the lives of others. Thank God that for a few small moments here and there I got my head out of what I was doing long enough to selflessly help a friend of mine. Actually he was an acquaintance at the time. Out of being totally committed to his dreams, mine are coming true. My dream to speak. To travel. To transform lives. To make a difference. All the ‘doing’ in other places in my life pales in comparison to the life that’s unfolding. And all I did was be someone committed to the vision of someone else.

It’s this very dynamic that you’ll see woven in and out of future musings. And it’s a way of being worth giving your life to.