I’ve been collecting representations of time and money for several years now. Soon, these will find themselves in one of my larger pieces. Photo by Kristen Marie Schuerlein Ferry

About four years ago I had this insight about time and money and their profound impact on our modern lives.

Both time and money are contexts. The are ways of relating to the world the either empower us, or defeat us – often both in the same day.

The more I began exploring the idea of time… being on time, having enough time. or being freaked out that I am running out of time… the more I began to see it as a reality that I could manipulate. And, when I took control of my relationship to it, it no longer had control of me.

Same with money.

After going broke in 2008-2009, my relationship to money completely transformed. It was one of the most remarkable times in my life.

I was astounded at the happiness I found in the little things. I was delighted by the creativity that emerged as I figured out how to have fun and enjoy my life without the money to afford things I’d thought were “necessities” in the past.

Time and Money.

These two man-made ideas began to shape the artwork that was filling my mind’s eye. As a result, I dabbled a little here and there. Now, think it’s time to really explore the beauty of these two very power contexts and perhaps if I am successful, begin to shift the way we see them both.