Last night was the world premiere of The Gift Live.

Hundreds attended. Friendships were forged. Miracles were present. It was a night I will remember a long time.

I never tire of watching people getting connected to each other… and seeing the light in their eyes when they experience their dreams starting to manifest.

Getting to play a small role in those kinds of transformations is a joy…. all the time, energy and effort that went into creating last night are worth its weight in gold when I get to witness that level of life unfolding.

And then today, the sun rose, and I needed toothpaste.

Talking to my friend Richard, we had to giggle. He said, “I see you doing all these cool things, traveling all over, speaking and bringing The Gift to the world. It’s nice to know you have to buy toothpaste like the rest of us” (this from a guy who is one of the world’s top 3 experts in his field).

I laughed about the hilarity of life. Yesterday, transformation on huge scale.

Today toothpaste.

The point? We all, in our own way, have the power to transform ourselves, and the world around us, and still have toothpaste on hand. It’s all possible. It’s just a matter of who we choose to BE.