I have two men in my life who intrigue me endlessly. One is 67, the other 40. Both are super smart, loving, talented, charming and well, all round good guys. You’d want to know them, too.

What makes them alike, despite the 27 years that separate them, is they seem to think they have to “figure life out.” By themselves. Alone.

It baffles me.

What is it about us that assumes we have to go it alone?
Why do we think we have to “think” through life?

Have you noticed that our opinions (what we think) tend to make us suffer?
Have you noticed that our mind has beliefs that come from our environment or our family, that really aren’t “us”? (consider that if you were born somewhere else you would have a totally different set of beliefs, expectations and opinions about how life it supposed to be.)
Have you noticed that our personality was adopted, typically as a way to survive what we thought was a dangerous set of conditions?

My wish for us all – especially for two of my favorite guys – is that we begin to see, that for the most part, life isn’t dangerous… loving isn’t dangerous, risking isn’t dangerous, and the unknown isn’t dangerous either.

My prayer is that we wake up to the realization that our natural state is joy…. happiness.. love…. curiosity… and play. My prayer is that we find others who can help us do whatever it takes to stay in those states because being any other way denies what it is to be fully alive.