When things aren’t working how we thought they would it’s easy to get into a state of worry and concern. (Which cracks me up, because we’re the ones who wanted the thing in the first place…. why don’t we give ourselves permission to want something else instead? Or extend the made-up deadline to give it time to show up. But that’s a different post altogether.)

So, we are worried. We are concerned. We get ourselves into a state of panic, fear, uncertainty, and sometimes heavy-duty breakdown, rendering ourselves immobile.


Why do we get so attached to life being one way and if it isn’t we fall apart, get mad, fearful, and insecure?

Surely the answer lies in our biology. How we are hardwired. How we respond to stimuli.

People smarter than me can speak to the mechanics of it.

What I know is this; As we expand our consciousness, and we notice how we are responding to the things we made up, we gain power over our experience of life.

When we see that we’re the only ones who create our experience, we take the controls of our life, and we learn to experience whatever we want, whenever we want.

Ah. Isn’t that a relief?